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Abstract bachelor project 2017-2018: Efficient microbiology using the BioLumix. Validation of enzyme-containing end products

Enzymes are biological catalysts that are significant in all essential biochemical processes. Because of their specific advantages, enzymes are increasingly used in various applications in the pursuit of a sustainable society. Due to the increasing demand, the production of enzymes is industrialized. In Genencor International-Dupont enzymes are produced from microorganisms.  The enzyme-containing end products must be free from contamination, impurities and the producing microorganism.  Therefore microbial testing is needed throughout the whole production process. The classic plate method is labor intensive, time consuming and the subjective interpretation of results can also be a disadvantage. The use of the BioLumix, a rapid microbiological method, can offer a solution because this method provides quicker and objective results.


Abstract bachelorproef 2016-2017Introduction for the determination of the enzyme activity with the micro viscometer Lovis

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Abstract bachelorproef 2015-2016Kalibratie en validatie IR techniek met behulp van een auto-analyser

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Goedele Seynaeve
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Ilse Breusegem
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Ilse Swennen
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