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The aim of this website is to give general information about traineeships (and the corresponding bachelor projects)  of the Bachelor program Biomedical Laboratory Science (BLT) and the Advanced Bachelor of Bioinformatics (BIT).

Are you looking for information for your bachelor project or a project for your traineeship? Fill in your search term (under the section/symbol “magnifying glass”) and find a title or an abstract from a bachelor project or the subject of a traineeship.  Do you want to see the whole report? Please ask a member of the BLT-or BIT-team. All bachelor project reports are available digitally or as a hard copy.

Using the second tab (with the folder as a symbol), you can receive specific information for each work placement:

  1. Select on the map the preferred location (Brugge (Bruges), Kortrijk, Gent (Ghent), België (Belgium) or buitenland (Abroad)). Naturally, the majority of the work placements are located in the three cities. By selecting “Belgium” you can find other work placements which are not located in Bruges, Kortrijk or Ghent. By selecting “Abroad”, you can find the work placements situated abroad (not in Belgium).

  2. If you click on ‘Ghent’, for example, a list of previous work placements situated in Ghent will appear. You can select the work placement of your choice.

  3. At the bottom of the page, information is shown about subjects of previous traineeships and bachelor projects reported by our students: under ‘address details’ you can read the address, telephone number, name (sometimes with telephone number and email address) of the contact person (traineeship supervisor).
    If applicable, you can find by selecting the tab “bachelor project propositions” a description of a new subject and by selecting the tab “abstract bachelor project”, you can read the abstract of the selected bachelor project.

Using the third tab (world map), you can search on the world map for information about traineeship subjects and bachelor projects.

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