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VIB - Onderzoeksgroep Xavier Saelens, Centre for Medical Biotechnology

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Abstract Bachelor Project 2017-2018: Isolation and characterization of llama heavy chain only antibodies (nanobodies®) against the surface glycoproteins of ebolavirus 

The aim of this project is to isolate and characterize nanobodies® against ebolavirus. Ebolavirus is nowadays considered as one of the major health threats in developing African countries. Due to the lack of vaccines and therapeutics and because of the short incubation time and high mortality rates, ebolavirus is one of the most epidemic diseases in these countries. The surface glycoproteins of ebolavirus play a major viral role for infection and are therefore the antigen targets in this project. Due to their many advantages, nanobodies are potentially interesting in the battle against ebolavirus. In this project a nanobody library was panned against the target and twelve unique nanobody® sequences were isolated and cloned in Pichia pastoris. The twelve nanobodies® were produced and their binding affinity for the target was tested with ELISA. Four of the twelve nanobodies® showed affinity for the target but further tests need to be performed to identify the potential of the nanobodies® against ebolavirus.




Traineeship supervisor
Marlies Ballegeer
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